7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 10

Seventh Grade Spelling List 10

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Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 10
Word Practice Sentence Type
merchandise The heavy merchandise broke the conveyor belt. Basic
Delaware Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution. Basic
certainty There was no certainty in his voice. Basic
chefs Good chefs can cook food to perfection. Basic
disgraceful The man's constant talking during the ceremony was disgraceful. Basic
fungi A mushroom is a type of fungi. Basic
specialize A nurse can specialize in a particular area of care. Basic
legalize That state chose not to legalize gambling. Basic
senator The senator debated with his colleagues for hours. Basic
geology The geology of Central Park is quite interesting. Basic
electricity The electricity went out during the severe storm. Basic
bulletin The bulletin board has job listings. Basic
rectangle Draw a rectangle instead of a square. Basic
gratitude He was filled with gratitude. Basic
hurricane A hurricane hit the coast. Basic
definitely You should definitely visit the library. Basic
disenchanted The workers were disenchanted and decided to strike. Challenge
adolescent An adolescent often thought of as a teenager. Challenge
appendix The appendix should give you more information. Challenge
acquiesce Sadly, he was forced to acquiesce. Challenge
transferred Emily transferred to a new high school. Challenge
politician The politician took photos with babies. Challenge