7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 18

Seventh Grade Spelling List 18

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Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 18
Word Practice Sentence Type
truly She was truly sorry for her actions. Basic
advise The school’s counselor will advise students about potential careers. Basic
idol Bob’s idol is someone I've never heard of before. Basic
acceptable Turning in your assignment late is not acceptable. Basic
souvenir Will you buy a souvenir when you go on vacation? Basic
comparison The comparison between the two medicines was flawed. Basic
exception There should be an exception to the rules. Basic
eruption A volcanic eruption might create more islands. Basic
continuously The show was on continuously for five years. Basic
unison The choir sang in unison. Basic
psychology You should try using reverse psychology. Basic
perfume There was a strong scent of perfume in the air. Basic
satisfactory The work was satisfactory this time. Basic
compromise Both sides can benefit from compromise. Basic
thirtieth The thirtieth person to walk through the door will win a prize. Basic
salesmen TThe salesmen hold a banquet every year. Basic
subtle She was subtle, but clear about what was expected. Challenge
paralysis After the accident, he suffered from paralysis. Challenge
indicated The weather radar indicated that a tornado might be forming. Challenge
emphasis The emphasis was put on playing well and not always winning. Challenge
extremely It can be extremely dangerous to ski large mountains. Challenge
confiscate The officials will confiscate everything they find. Challenge