7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 19

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 19
Word Practice Sentence Type
unbelievable That new high tech car was unbelievable. Basic
herd One herd of cattle is out in the pasture. Basic
serene The lake is so serene this evening. Basic
vehicle The vehicle had several decals on it. Basic
bookshelves The bookshelves still needed to be painted. Basic
recruit Tom will try to recruit me for his team. Basic
disable The thief will try to disable the car alarm. Basic
committing Jerry is committing himself to a healthier lifestyle. Basic
participate It's important to participate even if you don't think it will be fun. Basic
memories The memories of last summer's vacation made him smile. Basic
combination I didn't know the combination on the lock anymore. Basic
roommate Do you know who your college roommate will be yet? Basic
custodian The custodian only works the night shift. Basic
cinnamon Josh knows how to make cinnamon rolls. Basic
remnants There was a box of material remnants on sale. Basic
projector The projector suddenly stopped working. Basic
subscription The magazine subscription will automatically renew. Challenge
arraignment The arraignment hearing had been set for late June. Challenge
indictment An indictment is a written document charging someone with an offense. Challenge
trajectory A trajectory is the path followed by an object moving through space. Challenge
catastrophe The party turned out to be a complete catastrophe. Challenge
counterfeit The counterfeit money was nearly perfect. Challenge