7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 2

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 2
Word Practice Sentence Type
recommend I recommend resting until you feel better. Basic
medicine Penicillin is a type of medicine. Basic
incumbent The incumbent campaigned into the late evening. Basic
memorize Can you memorize your spelling words? Basic
tripod The tripod carefully held the camcorder. Basic
shepherd The shepherd was always watchful. Basic
civilized Let's be civilized. Basic
measles Many get immunized against measles now. Basic
commitment You must make a commitment today. Basic
void His absence left a void that could not be filled. Basic
penguin That penguin can barely walk. Basic
successfully The mission was completed successfully. Basic
semicolon A semicolon is a punctuation mark. Basic
rhythm Can you hear the rhythm? Basic
cardigan We all have to wear a cardigan to school. Basic
formerly I was formerly the president of the class. Basic
overwhelming Planning for a vacation overseas can be overwhelming. Challenge
valedictorian The valedictorian will speak at graduation. Challenge
meringue Do you like lemon meringue pie? Challenge
rhinoceros A rhinoceros can sleep standing or lying down. Challenge
precious The wedding ring was precious to her. Challenge
marvelous There are many marvelous places around the world to see. Challenge