7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 6

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 6
Word Practice Sentence Type
yearn He would yearn to see his homeland once again. Basic
unpleasant The humidity made the air feel unpleasant. Basic
supervised Will the games be supervised? Basic
chicken I like to have a biscuit with my chicken. Basic
really Do you really want to go now? Basic
reusable Plastic bags are reusable or can be recycled. Basic
concentrate Is it hard to concentrate sometimes. Basic
semisweet I love semisweet chocolate. Basic
induction The induction ceremony went quickly. Basic
microbe A microbe has to be seen through a microscope. Basic
believe Do you believe me? Basic
acclaim The film was met with critical acclaim. Basic
administration The school administration will hire new teachers. Basic
special There is a special place for you in my heart. Basic
capital The capital of Michigan is Lansing. Basic
adapt Have you been able to adapt to this climate? Basic
proposition She had a proposition for everyone. Challenge
expenditure The large expenditure could not be justified. Challenge
distinct I can hear a distinct accent when you speak. Challenge
individualized We need an individualized learning strategy. Challenge
astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to walk on the moon. Challenge
implicated He's been implicated in the robbery. Challenge