9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #1

9th Grade Spelling List #1
Word Practice Sentence Type
residence We will meet at our summer residence for the wedding. Basic
shank The lamb shank is nearly done cooking. Basic
winsome He had a charming and winsome smile. Basic
syringe Pass the syringe to me so that I can take my medicine. Basic
podiatry My father studied podiatry. Basic
stimulus The economic stimulus appears to be working. Basic
xylophone I've always wanted to play the xylophone. Basic
vitamin The doctor told my grandma to take only one vitamin a day. Basic
radical The governor has radical new ideas for the state. Basic
generosity The generosity of the donors came as a surprise. Basic
fantasize He used to fantasize about becoming a chef. Basic
formidable The new boxer is a formidable opponent. Basic
wary The people were wary of his motives. Basic
animosity There was a growing animosity between the two sides. Basic
heritage The heritage of the Native Americans is interesting and rich. Challenge
mathematics I enjoy studying mathematics. Challenge
ruinous The old home was in a ruinous state. Challenge
chaotic My friend's home is very chaotic. Challenge
corroborate We will corroborate the stories and get back to you. Challenge
chasm The chasm between the villages was growing larger. Challenge

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