9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #29

9th Grade Spelling List #29
Word Practice Sentence Type
oregano Many Italian dishes are made with oregano. Basic
statistician The statistician was offered many jobs. Basic
electrolysis To remove hair the woman opted for electrolysis. Basic
cooperate She will cooperate with the law completely. Basic
metaphysical The metaphysical is thought of as something beyond reality or what is perceptible to the senses. Basic
accomplishment Completing the fundraiser left her filled with a sense of accomplishment. Basic
moviegoer He is quite the moviegoer, but he never reads books. Basic
discipline One needs a great deal of discipline to become a Navy SEAL. Basic
scarcely We scarcely knew what to do with ourselves. Basic
monitory His monitory tone was enough to deter the children from climbing too high. Basic
macrocosm A macrocosm refers to a large complex structure like the world or universe. Basic
comparison The comparison to his brother was unfair. Basic
source The spring is the source of the creek. Basic
notify I will notify you if anything changes. Basic
spokesman The spokesman for the company quit. Basic
feng shui The feng shui in this house is all wrong. Challenge
felicitous Her felicitous comments made everyone feel happy. Challenge
ventriloquist A venriloquist practiced a lot to make his show look good. Challenge
garibaldi The costume include a garibaldi style blouse. Challenge
mediocre My work has been mediocre, but it is getting better. Challenge

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