9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #5

9th Grade Spelling List #5
Word Practice Sentence Type
renovate We need to renovate our kitchen. Basic
ordinary This outfit is too ordinary. Basic
judicious I like to use a judicious amount of soy sauce in this recipe. Basic
chemistry Our chemistry class will meet every other day. Basic
villain The villain was wearing a black cape. Basic
falsify It is against the law to falsify this paperwork. Basic
peripheral My peripheral vision was tested at the DMV. Basic
tuition Our tuition has gone up every year. Basic
representative The representative will answer questions after the dinner. Basic
preliminary The preliminary findings lay the blame on the accounting department. Basic
pioneer He is a true pioneer in the tech industry. Basic
bazooka The bazooka shoots as far as that marker. Basic
interval There should be an interval of five feet between posts. Basic
abdomen I have been experiencing pain in my abdomen. Basic
guidance I will need guidance before continuing my project. Basic
isochronous The word isochronous means equal in duration or interval. Challenge
gigantesque The sculpture was gigantesque. Challenge
verbiage The verbiage will have to be edited for the magazine. Challenge
arraignment After the arraignment, we will have another court date. Challenge
metamorphosis The caterpillar went through a metamorphosis. Challenge

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