9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #3

9th Grade Spelling List #3
Word Practice Sentence Type
nobility My family comes from nobility. Basic
examination The examination was given at noon sharp. Basic
evolution The evolution of the animal was clearly unique. Basic
tissue Please hand me a tissue. Basic
squirrel There is a brown squirrel that steels my bird seed. Basic
transparent The proceedings will need to be transparent to gain the people's trust. Basic
gasoline The cost of gasoline keeps going up. Basic
trigonometry I have already taken trigonometry. Basic
pituitary The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain. Basic
island I will buy my own island next year. Basic
particularly I particularly liked the ending of that movie. Basic
scuttle The captain will scuttle the ship. Basic
scaffold The scaffold can't hold more than two men. Basic
politician A politician must campaign to get elected. Basic
abjure The word abjure means to renounce or retract. Basic
extemporaneous The word extemporaneous means to be spoken or done without preparation. Challenge
repugnant The word repugnant means to be distasteful or unacceptable. Challenge
sotto voce The words sotto voce means to be said in a quiet voice. Challenge
hullabaloo The word hullabaloo means a commotion or a fuss. Challenge
erstwhile The word erstwhile means some time ago, in the past or formerly. Challenge

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