9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #4

9th Grade Spelling List #4
Word Practice Sentence Type
microscope This microscope is broken for now. Basic
wallaby The wallaby is a marsupial from Australia. Basic
locally It's a smart idea to buy produce locally. Basic
liaison We have assigned a special liaison to work between the teachers and technical staff. Basic
pendulous The pendulous blossoms swayed in the wind. Basic
basically We were basically late for every meeting. Basic
comfortable These are the most comfortable pants in the world. Basic
volcano The volcano erupted again yesterday. Basic
qualities Being hard working and diligent are both great qualities. Basic
personal I have a personal interest in making this company a success. Basic
immediately You need to come home immediately. Basic
journal We need to finish the edits to submit our paper to the journal. Basic
embers The embers of the fire are glowing red. Basic
paradise This place looks like paradise. Basic
literature I have read many types of literature. Basic
withdrawal Go make a withdrawal from the bank. Challenge
abominable The word abominable means unequivocally detestable or loathsome. Challenge
tyrannosaur I'm taking my son to see the tyrannosaur bones at the museum. Challenge
portmanteau A portmanteau is a large leather suitcase that opens into two hinged compartments. Challenge
martyr A martyr is a person who chooses death rather than renouncing religious principles. Challenge

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