9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #10

9th Grade Spelling List #10
Word Practice Sentence Type
quotient The quotient is the result of division. Basic
eloquence Her eloquence when speaking was breathtaking. Basic
tambourine I enjoy playing the tambourine. Basic
whirlwind We went on a whirlwind adventure. Basic
likelihood The likelihood of finding the pet turtle was low. Basic
precisely You will need to precisely measure amounts for the lab. Basic
waffle I ate one waffle for breakfast. Basic
longitudinal The longitudinal positions were given to the military. Basic
stretch We will stretch before we exercise. Basic
facade The facade was in need of repair. Basic
petition We signed the petition to put her on the ballot. Basic
symbiosis The word symbiosis describes a mutually advantageous relationship between two organisms. Basic
apparent It was apparent that we wouldn't be eating soon. Basic
authority He is a strong authority figure. Basic
frequent We made frequent trips to the deli. Basic
stalactite A stalactite is a structure that hangs from the top of the roof like an icicle. Challenge
aardvark We found an aardvark in our house. Challenge
roustabout A roustabout refers to a worker that needs strength, but not much skill. Challenge
amphetamine This county is experiencing higher rates of amphetamine abuse. Challenge
palatable The chef made the most palatable dishes. Challenge

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