9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #2

9th Grade Spelling List #2
Word Practice Sentence Type
bankruptcy The man did not want to file for bankruptcy. Basic
bamboozle The word bamboozle means to fool or cheat someone. Basic
unpleasant The smell coming from the garbage was unpleasant. Basic
authentic The signature was deemed to be authentic. Basic
livelihood Our livelihood was dependent upon our hard work. Basic
inept The worker was inept and let go from work as a result. Basic
variegated The leaf was variegated which made it beautiful. Basic
belligerent The boy's behavior was downright belligerent. Basic
scientific The scientific community was excited about the new discovery. Basic
salutation Which salutation do you prefer? Basic
pageant She won the pageant hands down. Basic
extant The word extant means still in existence or surviving. Basic
pamphlet The pamphlet was printed in 1952. Basic
discourteous Talking during the presentation was discourteous. Challenge
fundamentalism The word fundamentalism means a strict adherence to beliefs. Challenge
percentile She is in the top three percentile of test takers. Challenge
philosopher The philosopher wrote five books. Challenge
subcutaneous The word subcutaneous means under the skin. Challenge

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