9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #20

9th Grade Spelling List #20
Word Practice Sentence Type
destitute He was once destitute, but now he is rich. Basic
fascinating I find ancient Egypt fascinating. Basic
tendency I've noticed that he has a tendency to exaggerate. Basic
phraseology Her phraseology and pedantic way of speaking was peculiar. Basic
anemic I've been anemic since I was a child, so I take iron pills. Basic
argument The argument spilled out into the street. Basic
reference Have you cited every reference? Basic
volatile These chemicals are volatile. Basic
circuit The circuit has been cut. Basic
urbanite The urbanite population has forgotten farming techniques. Basic
neutralize We will neutralize the acid with this chemical. Basic
renegade He's always been a renegade. Basic
obedience My dog has been taking obedience classes. Basic
disciple I have collected paintings of this disciple. Basic
personage The personage he had built seemed larger than life. Basic
marionette The marionette of the joker was all tangled up. Challenge
jealousy It seems that jealousy consumed her. Challenge
neurosis He was prescribed medication for his neurosis. Challenge
handkerchief I dropped my handkerchief. Challenge
plutonium The scientist handled the plutonium with care. Challenge

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