9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #30

9th Grade Spelling List #30
Word Practice Sentence Type
zygote The zygote is the first stage of the embryo once two gamete cells are joined. Basic
podium The podium was too short for the speaker. Basic
illustrate I've called a professional artist to illustrate the book. Basic
sluggishly He moved sluggishly after surgery. Basic
bystander The bystander gave his account of the accident. Basic
impalpable The word impalpable means unable to understand easily or something that can't be touched. Basic
laborious The laborious task was left to strongest of the group. Basic
octopus The octopus darted away quickly. Basic
swelter The swelter of last July will not soon be forgotten. Basic
squalid The aid workers were shocked by the squalid conditions. Basic
vouchsafe The word vouchsafe to give, allow or permit. Basic
bamboozle She planned to bamboozle the entire town. Basic
recruit They will recruit more men for the army. Basic
shield The shield had a dragon on it. Basic
laboratory The laboratory housed hundreds of bacteria for study. Basic
muskellunge A muskellunge is a type of fish in North America from the pike family. Challenge
eccentricity The ecentricity of the old professor was the root of many jokes. Challenge
misspelled He misspelled only one word on the test. Challenge
lackadaisical Her lackadaisical attitude made her mom crazy. Challenge
ambiguous The question was too ambiguous for the students to answer. Challenge

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