9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #6

Ninth Grade Spelling List 6

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9th Grade Spelling List #6
Word Practice Sentence Type
delinquent There were no payments on the account and it is now delinquent. Basic
masculine His face is extremely masculine. Basic
tremendous We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us. Basic
porcelain The porcelain doll has been broken. Basic
elimination He didn't pass the double elimination round. Basic
yesteryear Those cars remind me of yesteryear. Basic
rococo This building is an example of rococo architecture. Basic
achievement This is my greatest achievement. Basic
unceremonious The day came to an unceremonious end. Basic
neighborhood This is my favorite neighborhood. Basic
boomerang Go ahead and throw that boomerang. Basic
mechanical The mechanical parts have worn out. Basic
regard I hold him in the highest regard. Basic
franchise We are looking into buying a franchise. Basic
genetic The genetic testing has not revealed anything significant. Basic
curriculum The curriculum is very challenging. Challenge
expeditious We need an expeditious answer to our questions. Challenge
querulous The word querulous means full of complaints or complaining. Challenge
thermodynamics Engineers often take classes in thermodynamics. Challenge
accompaniment The accompaniment was created for this special occasion. Challenge

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