9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #9

9th Grade Spelling List #9
Word Practice Sentence Type
ignorance Her ignorance was stunning. Basic
unfamiliar Amber is unfamiliar with the new music we are performing. Basic
behavior Jack's behavior was admirable. Basic
certificate We bought a security certificate for the website. Basic
narrative We are expected to write a personal narrative this week. Basic
nuance Every nuance was noted because she was so observant. Basic
salinity The salinity of this solution is too high. Basic
seismograph The seismograph measures and records earthquakes Basic
ravenous The teenage boy was ravenous after school. Basic
varies The chameleon's color varies depending on its environment. Basic
appendix Check the appendix for more information. Basic
orthodox He follows an orthodox religious tradition. Basic
inventory Our Halloween inventory is running low. Basic
meteorology I would like to study meteorology. Basic
glorious The sunrise was glorious. Basic
parenthetic He writes with too many parenthetic expressions. Challenge
soliloquy There is a soliloquy in Hamlet. Challenge
transmutation The science fiction film focused on the transmutation of the main character. Challenge
coalesced The teams coalesced into one large group. Challenge
etiquette Her etiquette was exemplary. Challenge

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