9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #12

9th Grade Spelling List #12
Word Practice Sentence Type
system The computer system has crashed. Basic
omission An omission is defined as someone or something that has been left out or excluded. Basic
resistance They didn't put up any resistance to the new plan. Basic
nuptial The nuptial day was set for June 15th. Basic
primeval I watched the video about primeval times last night. Basic
interpretation The interpretation of the article was all wrong. Basic
reactionary Be careful discussing politics with him as he is a very reactionary person. Basic
tokenism It seemed as if he was hired as an act of tokenism. Basic
cerebral His conversation is really cerebral. Basic
exotic Those clothes are so exotic. Basic
invisible He thinks he is invisible now. Basic
illusory The results were illusory and should not be relied upon. Basic
symphony The symphony played so beautifully. Basic
finesse He has such finesse when playing soccer. Basic
sentimentality The sentimentality of the old friends was endearing. Basic
juxtaposition In literature, juxtaposition is a useful device for writers. Challenge
manageability The manageability of the program is in question. Challenge
conflagration The survivors of the conflagration huddled together far from the fire. Challenge
facetious I think he's actually being facetious. Challenge
epizootic There has been a terrible outbreak of an epizootic disease within the sheep population. Challenge

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