9th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #11

Ninth Grade Spelling List 11

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9th Grade Spelling List #11
Word Practice Sentence Type
migratory The migratory patterns of the birds have changed. Basic
judgment We will await judgment. Basic
multiplicity The multiplicity of a member of a multiset is the number of times it appears in the multiset. Basic
vegetable The vegetable garden will help feed the needy. Basic
inability My inability to decide has cost me. Basic
ambassador The ambassador spoke many languages. Basic
confirmation The confirmation hearing went well. Basic
fallible We are all fallible; we can all make mistakes. Basic
petroleum The petroleum industry is hiring engineers. Basic
deprivation The study gathered data on the effects of light deprivation. Basic
seaworthy The rowboat, while terribly old, is still seaworthy. Basic
stratosphere The stratosphere is the second major layer of our atmosphere. Basic
fulfill I will fulfill and mail these orders today. Basic
varsity The varsity team won the state championship. Basic
reasonable We can all be reasonable and find an equitable solution. Basic
gerontology I will study gerontology and help the elderly. Challenge
aerodynamic My plane is not aerodynamic enough. Challenge
delicatessen I will meet you at the delicatessen. Challenge
autobiographical The autobiographical book seemed fictional. Challenge
qualifier He was a qualifier at the last competition and will move on to the finals. Challenge

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