Fourth Grade Spelling List 1 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

List 1
Word Practice Sentence Type
brook There is a brook behind my home. Basic
drink I like to drink water. Basic
phone Pick up the phone. Basic
ache My head started to ache this morning. Basic
wealthy I heard that man is very wealthy. Basic
flight The flight was very long and boring. Basic
lunch I will have soup and crackers for lunch. Basic
still Stay still while I fix your tie. Basic
built My sister built a house out of clay. Basic
office My big brother works in an office. Basic
bottle The lid on the bottle was hard to get open. Basic
topic My favorite topic is the weather. Basic
trouble I don’t like getting into trouble. Basic
lurching The train cars kept lurching forward. Challenge
prediction I can't possibly make a prediction. Challenge
graph Let's make a graph with this data. Challenge

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists