Fourth Grade Spelling List 7 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 7
Word Practice Sentence Type
smell I can't smell anything. Basic
windier Tomorrow is supposed to windier than normal. Basic
tomorrow There is going to be a basketball game tomorrow night. Basic
since We haven't heard from her since Sunday. Basic
unpaid The electric bill had gone unpaid for a while. Basic
pilot The pilot landed the plane safely. Basic
twenty There were twenty people waiting in line for lunch today. Basic
learn We learn something new every day. Basic
valley My old house was in a valley. Basic
degree Kyle is a third degree black belt. Basic
pump I will pump my own gas. Basic
inch The pant legs should be one inch shorter. Basic
nine There are nine more days of summer camp. Basic
haiku A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Challenge
demonstrated The woman demonstrated for human rights. Challenge
Wednesday I have art class every Wednesday. Challenge