Fourth Grade Spelling List 9 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 9
Word Practice Sentence Type
duty It is our duty to keep people safe. Basic
dirty My laundry basket is full of dirty clothes. Basic
flood The flood caused a lot of damaged to homes in the area. Basic
seven There are seven buttons on my jacket. Basic
school We have to be to school by eight in the morning. Basic
west I live just west of Elm Street. Basic
useless The calculator was useless because the battery had died. Basic
change He didn't want to change his clothes. Basic
bush We had the big bush taken out for a better view of the lake. Basic
beard My father's beard grows quickly. Basic
sum The sum of the math problem was larger than expected. Basic
ourselves We helped ourselves at the buffet. Basic
danger The sign warned of danger ahead. Basic
dessert I wish I could eat dessert first. Challenge
rectangle A rectangle is not a square. Challenge
special My mom always makes me feel special. Challenge