Fourth Grade Spelling List 20 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 20
Word Practice Sentence Type
gold There are ten gold necklaces there. Basic
east I live east of the park. Basic
trunk The trunk was full of suitcases. Basic
house My house is yellow. Basic
married We got married twenty years ago. Basic
attack The bear was about to attack us. Basic
edge The edge of the cliff looked dangerous. Basic
dull The class was dull until the teacher arrived. Basic
Paris We flew to Paris last spring. Basic
awful The cabbage smelled awful. Basic
swimming We went swimming in the lake. Basic
worried I admit that I was worried about you. Basic
north Go north for five miles and turn right. Basic
impossible It is impossible to do well without studying. Challenge
peculiar I thought the costume was peculiar. Challenge
gauge The tire gauge was not working properly. Challenge