Fourth Grade Spelling List 8 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 8
Word Practice Sentence Type
amaze The magic show will amaze you. Basic
other We went to the other grocery store. Basic
led Lewis and Clark led and expedition. Basic
flipped The dolphin flipped in the air and landed with a splash. Basic
monkey The monkey in the zoo was adorable. Basic
thirty There were thirty grasshoppers in the box. Basic
Sunday We will have a big dinner on Sunday. Basic
done I am done eating. Basic
wait We shouldn't have to wait much longer. Basic
diagram A diagram is a drawing that provides information. Basic
alarm We heard an alarm go off in the distance. Basic
movement You could hear movement in the bushes. Basic
ferries The ferries take the cars and passengers across the bay. Basic
Thursday We will see you next Thursday for soccer practice. Challenge
against The community was against the new shopping center. Challenge
marveled We marveled at how well the two year old could speak. Challenge