Fourth Grade Spelling List 4 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 4
Word Practice Sentence Type
pray I will pray that your new job is a success. Basic
heard He heard that there might be a foot of snow on the ground tomorrow. Basic
basic My calculator can only perform basic functions. Basic
few The taxi will pick you up a few hours later. Basic
public There is a public library by our school. Basic
volume Turn up the volume. Basic
sweet This chocolate is too sweet. Basic
build She likes to build bridges with blocks all day. Basic
another There is another type of ice cream in the freezer. Basic
wood This piece of wood can be used to make my new desk. Basic
world The world is a large and interesting place. Basic
done She has done everything possible to make her happy. Basic
dancing She likes dancing in competitions. Basic
customary It is customary to take your shoes off before entering a house in Hawaii. Challenge
displease I don't want to displease you. Challenge
segments The two segments of track will be joined. Challenge