Fourth Grade Spelling List 13 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 13
Word Practice Sentence Type
bridge The bridge was icy. Basic
unsure He was unsure about his plans. Basic
odd That old woman is quite odd. Basic
hour If we stay another hour, we can avoid traffic. Basic
shark The shark at the zoo looks dangerous. Basic
type What is your blood type? Basic
deer I saw a deer in my backyard. Basic
ridge We'll meet you up on that ridge. Basic
tiny The tiny ring fit on her finger. Basic
earlier I will wake up earlier than you. Basic
heart My heart leaped when I heard the news. Basic
kindness Your kindness is appreciated. Basic
already We already miss you. Basic
neighbor Our neighbor loves to garden. Challenge
desolate The landscape was desolate and cold. Challenge
hazardous If something is hazardous, it is risky and dangerous. Challenge