Fourth Grade Spelling List 26 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 26
Word Practice Sentence Type
heaviest We will get a truck to carry the heaviest stones. Basic
shirt My shirt has huge flowers on it. Basic
middle I am the middle child. Basic
charm I am wearing a new charm bracelet. Basic
gain This book will help you gain a lot of knowledge. Basic
prison He went to prison for stealing. Basic
landed The airplane landed safely in Denver. Basic
tune Will you help me tune my violin? Basic
common My friends and I have a lot in common. Basic
crumbs Please don't leave crumbs on the table. Basic
hungry I am really hungry now. Basic
studied Dillon studied five hours for his math final. Basic
begin We will begin school today with announcements. Basic
wreckage The wreckage was spread out all over the island. Challenge
Monday My birthday is next Monday. Challenge
differences What are the differences between these two laptops? Challenge