Fourth Grade Spelling List 29 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling List 29

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Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 29
Word Practice Sentence Type
crooked The picture on the wall was crooked. Basic
chapter We have to read the next chapter by tomorrow. Basic
seat belt Wearing a seat belt can save your life. Basic
cabbage We had cabbage stuffed with rice and meat for dinner. Basic
strange There was a strange smell coming from the kitchen. Basic
emptied We emptied our pockets to look for money. Basic
chance I didn’t have a chance to grab a snack today. Basic
full I am full after a big dinner. Basic
easier It is easier to watch television than to run five miles. Basic
rubbing She was rubbing her eyes too much. Basic
yesterday My little sister had a play date yesterday. Basic
become Do you want to become a surgeon? Basic
dodge I had to dodge the ball to win. Basic
cloudier Yesterday was cloudier than today. Challenge
Tuesday We have karate class on Tuesday. Challenge
caught We caught the biggest fish I'd ever seen. Challenge