Fourth Grade Spelling List 15 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 15
Word Practice Sentence Type
night You can see all the stars at night. Basic
summer I will ride a roller coaster this summer. Basic
tour The band went on a world tour. Basic
pepper We put pepper on our eggs. Basic
guard The guard had to be on duty for two days straight. Basic
guilt The guilt was tearing him apart. Basic
sugar I always put sugar in my iced tea. Basic
blanket The blanket was so soft and cuddly. Basic
afternoon We will wait until afternoon to deliver the yearbooks. Basic
fever My little sister had a fever yesterday. Basic
model The model trains were fun to watch. Basic
trace Simply trace the image using a white sheet of paper. Basic
took It took four hours to get to Wisconsin. Basic
gasoline The price of gasoline is going up. Challenge
safety Stay back for your own safety. Challenge
protect I will protect you from all harm. Challenge