Fourth Grade Spelling List 21 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling List 21

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Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 21
Word Practice Sentence Type
arrow My arrow struck the target accurately. Basic
honey I like honey on toast. Basic
chair My chair seems broken. Basic
fork Will you bring me a fork? Basic
dairy The dairy section is cold. Basic
glue I need glue to finish my mask. Basic
cheer Let's cheer for our team. Basic
cure The cure was found accidentally. Basic
spoon My spoon is bent. Basic
collar The dog's collar was too loose. Basic
peaceful It is peaceful in the mountains. Basic
alley Put the trash can in the alley. Basic
homesick Jordan was homesick after two weeks at college. Basic
displayed All of the inventory was being displayed. Challenge
radius The radius of the circle is ten. Challenge
marriage Their marriage took place in a garden. Challenge