Fourth Grade Spelling List 5 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 5
Word Practice Sentence Type
tube Buy another tube of toothpaste. Basic
hairy There is a hairy bear looking back at us now. Basic
dinner We have dinner at six every night. Basic
break Please don’t break the window. Basic
ready The dog was ready to play. Basic
cream Would you like cream for your coffee? Basic
discolor Washing the pillowcase with bleach will discolor it. Basic
return Do you want to return that jacket? Basic
railroad My grandfather works for the railroad. Basic
deliver At what time will you deliver the pizzas? Basic
funnier I think the joke was funnier the first time. Basic
sunnier It is sunnier on that side of the house. Basic
camera I lost my camera at the zoo. Basic
settlers The settlers had to work hard to survive. Challenge
together Every class got together and celebrated the 100th day of school. Challenge
decimal I had to round my answer to the nearest decimal point. Challenge