Fourth Grade Spelling List 24 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling List 24

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Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 24
Word Practice Sentence Type
escape We can escape if we keep digging. Basic
shape A circle is an example of a shape. Basic
junk Don't push all that junk under your bed. Basic
steal People should not steal. Basic
never There are never enough hours in a day. Basic
human I am only human. Basic
checking Have you been checking on your sister? Basic
important All of this paperwork is important. Basic
event We can have a big event with a lot of food. Basic
brush She will brush her hair before school. Basic
search I have to search everywhere for my library book. Basic
lonely The cat became lonely without her owner. Basic
forever It took forever to get the food I ordered. Basic
hydroelectric All of the large hydroelectric power stations are operational. Challenge
reunion We always have a family reunion in December. Challenge
perpendicular Draw a line that is perpendicular to the other one. Challenge