Fourth Grade Spelling List 11 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 11
Word Practice Sentence Type
drum I like to play with my drum set. Basic
carpet The carpet had just been cleaned. Basic
heard I heard a spooky noise from the basement. Basic
twice She yelled at the dog twice. Basic
roof The roof was leaking. Basic
prettiest She was the prettiest girl at the dance. Basic
moment Call me the moment you arrive. Basic
hospital The hospital accepted all patients. Basic
electric My electric bill was too high. Basic
folks The folks around here are proud of you. Basic
reason You are the reason I stayed. Basic
sink The sink was clogged. Basic
course Let's take a French course. Basic
failure The rocket launch was a real failure. Challenge
answer Please round your answer to the nearest whole number. Challenge
estimate The estimate was off by two hundred dollars. Challenge