Fourth Grade Spelling List 2 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 2
Word Practice Sentence Type
turkey I like to eat turkey and mashed potatoes. Basic
prove The lawyer had to prove that his client was not guilty. Basic
struck The lightning struck the tree down. Basic
crazier The roller coaster rides get crazier every year. Basic
however However, you can find more information in the index of this book. Basic
sickness How long have you had this sickness? Basic
carpenter My carpenter is really good at building things out of wood. Basic
body My body temperature is normal. Basic
wrote He wrote many books about elephants. Basic
distrust You could see distrust in her eyes as she spoke to him. Basic
picture I like my school picture this year. Basic
curve There was a sharp curve in the road. Basic
stomach I have a weak stomach sometimes. Basic
flammable Paper is flammable. Challenge
resistance Germs can build up a resistance to antibiotics. Challenge
metric Europe uses the metric system. Challenge