Fourth Grade Spelling List 22 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 22
Word Practice Sentence Type
library The library is right next to our classroom. Basic
reach Can you reach the flour? Basic
breakfast I eat breakfast every morning at six. Basic
capture We like to capture lightening bugs. Basic
hamburger I always eat fries with my hamburger. Basic
fireplace We have a fireplace in the den. Basic
wasting The firemen weren't wasting any time. Basic
kept He kept telling me the same joke. Basic
animal My favorite animal is a horse. Basic
redo I have to redo my homework tonight. Basic
stripped The old barn had to have the paint stripped off. Basic
blood I don't know my blood type. Basic
question We have to answer every question before we leave. Basic
whisper Please don't whisper in my ear. Challenge
landscape The landscape around the house looked perfect. Challenge
pentagon A pentagon has five sides. Challenge