Fourth Grade Spelling List 27 - 4th Grade Spelling Words

Fourth Grade Spelling List 27

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Fourth Grade Spelling Lists

List 27
Word Practice Sentence Type
coal Many people used to burn coal for heat. Basic
truth The truth is always best. Basic
daughter His daughter played piano with me every Sunday. Basic
while I will chop the carrots while you wash the dishes. Basic
pillow I love my pillow because it is soft and fluffy. Basic
borrow I had to borrow a pencil to finish my homework. Basic
field We went out to the field to check the corn. Basic
sigh He let out a sigh of relief. Basic
track The manager has to keep track of all employees. Basic
village The village had no electricity for a week. Basic
thirteen There were thirteen ducks on the pond this morning. Basic
careless If she wasn't so careless, the dog wouldn't have run away. Basic
lazy I am too lazy to water the garden. Basic
unhappy She was unhappy about the long drive. Challenge
analyze We need to analyze the pond water samples. Challenge
circle Use this cup to draw a circle. Challenge