6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 10

List 10
Word Practice Sentence Type
eerie The fog is really eerie. Basic
boardwalk We will meet under the boardwalk. Basic
achieve If you work hard, you can achieve anything. Basic
dishonor I never want to dishonor the family name. Basic
genre I don't care for books from that genre. Basic
themselves They saw themselves as they really were. Basic
solve We will solve this problem quickly. Basic
equal Are these two amounts equal? Basic
commercial What is your favorite commercial? Basic
sunset The sunset was pink and orange. Basic
directly The layoffs will affect everyone directly. Basic
population The population of Maine is low compared to New York. Basic
poem Can you write a poem about eagles? Basic
method Let's follow the method that has been given to us. Basic
seize The bank will seize all assets. Basic
United States I am from the United States. Challenge
committee The committee is tired of waiting for input. Challenge
adenoids My brother had his adenoids removed. Challenge
doughnut I want the chocolate iced doughnut. Challenge
billionaire The billionaire gave millions to charities. Challenge

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