6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 2

List 2
Word Practice Sentence Type
letters There was a stack of unopened letters on the table. Basic
practical We need to be more practical about our plans. Basic
orientation Did you go orientation on the first day of school? Basic
national The national science competition will be in May. Basic
military My father joined the military right out of college. Basic
desserts We think these desserts are too sweet. Basic
communist There are still some communist countries in the world. Basic
married We got married when we were both in our twenties. Basic
square The square should have equal sides. Basic
humane Let's think about this in a more humane fashion. Basic
costumes We will rent costumes for the party. Basic
remember I will remember to pick up the dress. Basic
smartest We know she's the smartest girl here. Basic
cereal My aunt eats cereal for breakfast. Basic
expect I expect everyone to be on time. Basic
worst This is the worst grade I have ever received. Challenge
existence The mere existence of the robot made everyone worry. Challenge
photosynthesis Plants use water, light, carbon dioxide, and nutrients in soil for photosynthesis. Challenge
aptitude She has a real aptitude for math and science. Challenge
teammate Cole passed the basketball to his teammate. Challenge

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