6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 16

Sixth Grade Spelling List 16

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List 16
Word Practice Sentence Type
others The others won't arrive until ten. Basic
natural These products are considered natural. Basic
accomplish I have a list of what I want to accomplish today. Basic
prefer I prefer to make my own meals. Basic
overseas I will travel overseas this winter. Basic
attitude Have a good attitude and you will be successful. Basic
reception Was your family at the wedding reception? Basic
distance The distance between us makes me sad. Basic
himself I told him to be himself. Basic
paperweight I found the strangest paperweight at that store. Basic
amount We've agreed on this amount. Basic
please Will you please shut the door. Basic
easier It is easier to make friends when you smile. Basic
patrolled The police patrolled the neighborhood. Basic
elegant Did you see the elegant dress that she was wearing? Basic
observable We need to record something observable to support the data. Challenge
premiere This was the movie premiere for which everyone was waiting. Challenge
reconcile Later this evening, we should reconcile our bank statement. Challenge
disguise A hat and glasses should prove to be an excellent disguise. Challenge
occurred An error has occurred on my computer. Challenge

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