6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 26

Sixth Grade Spelling List 26

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List 26
Word Practice Sentence Type
wife The husband and wife celebrated their anniversary. Basic
performance Her performance was met with loud applause. Basic
turned She turned to say hello. Basic
scissors May I borrow a pair of scissors? Basic
asked I asked for an extra piece of pie. Basic
fugitive He is thought to be a dangerous fugitive. Basic
lead We lead him through the dark forest. Basic
lightest She is the lightest bird I've ever held. Basic
somewhat I was somewhat disappointed. Basic
portfolio The company portfolio was impressive. Basic
circling The hawk kept circling in the air. Basic
march The soldiers were ordered to march. Basic
personal I don't like to answer personal questions. Basic
possess You possess all of the qualities of an excellent student. Basic
unnecessarily She was unnecessarily rude. Basic
particularly We are particularly interested in your growth. Challenge
denominator The common denominator was easy to figure out. Challenge
apiece I sold one hundred cookies at one dollar apiece. Challenge
guide’s The guide’s tour was very interesting. Challenge
connect I will connect you with the right people. Challenge

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