6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 6

List 6
Word Practice Sentence Type
speak I'd like to speak with you later. Basic
erupt The volcano is about to erupt. Basic
stood He stood there for hours waiting for his turn. Basic
journey The journey was memorable. Basic
kneeling She was kneeling on the ground. Basic
catsup Would you pass me the catsup? Basic
thunderstorm The thunderstorm scared my dogs. Basic
knack She always had a knack for making people laugh. Basic
remembering I can't help remembering all of the nice things you've done. Basic
vague Your directions were very vague. Basic
harmony He sang the harmony part of the song. Basic
doubt I doubt anyone will ask questions. Basic
liberate We must liberate ourselves. Basic
linger I wanted to linger, but I knew that I should go. Basic
minute The eggs will be ready in a minute. Basic
tongue My tongue hurt after eating that hot chili pepper. Challenge
Tennessee I traveled to Tennessee last winter. Challenge
occur The eclipse will occur next Saturday. Challenge
unbelievable The ending of that movie was simply unbelievable. Challenge
intimidate I think the boss will try to intimidate you. Challenge

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