6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 12

List 12
Word Practice Sentence Type
exclude We will have to exclude that data. Basic
picnic The picnic was so much fun. Basic
pleasant The weather is really pleasant today. Basic
table Please set the table. Basic
fear The man showed no fear. Basic
changes The changes were accepted by everyone. Basic
since I haven't seen you since your last birthday. Basic
artificial The artificial heart was a big success. Basic
sidewalk The sidewalk had many cracks in it. Basic
might We might be able to fund the project. Basic
hoax The alarming call turned out to be a hoax. Basic
muscles My muscles ache. Basic
white Let's paint the garage white. Basic
discipline It takes a lot of discipline to be in the military. Basic
fiscal We will have to cut back for this fiscal year. Basic
hostile The prisoners were hostile. Challenge
gracious Our host was very gracious. Challenge
scepter A scepter is a ceremonial wand used as a sign of authority. Challenge
obviously We were obviously wrong. Challenge
susceptible The old and the young are more susceptible to illness. Challenge

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