6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 25

List 25
Word Practice Sentence Type
signature The home loan requires a signature. Basic
using We were using those markers first. Basic
language Do you know another language? Basic
president I am the president of the fan club. Basic
quite This dessert is quite sweet. Basic
field The field was dry and the plants were dying. Basic
surround I like to surround myself with good friends. Basic
satisfied I am satisfied with your answer. Basic
breakthrough There has been a medical breakthrough. Basic
minuscule The word minuscule means small or tiny. Basic
gives He gives her money every day. Basic
while I will wait while you clean. Basic
course The physics course was offered in summer too. Basic
underline Please underline all of the wrong words. Basic
desperadoes The law will catch those desperadoes. Basic
island Hawaii is an island. Challenge
insulation My attic has insulation in it. Challenge
daughter Her daughter participated in the science fair. Challenge
atmosphere The space shuttle left the atmosphere. Challenge
beginning The beginning of the play was very exciting. Challenge

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