6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 4

List 4
Word Practice Sentence Type
security There are security guards on duty until dawn. Basic
everything We will bring everything with us. Basic
longer This rope is longer than the other one. Basic
garage My garage is full of junk. Basic
nearby There are three markets nearby. Basic
invite We will come if you invite us. Basic
Florida We will move to Florida next month. Basic
ourselves We helped ourselves at the buffet. Basic
forward Do you look forward performing? Basic
reaction The reaction to the news was unexpected. Basic
gasoline We had to stop for gasoline three times. Basic
bowling We go bowling every week. Basic
quizzes We have reading quizzes every week. Basic
young She is too young to go to the movies by herself. Basic
rescue The fireman had to rescue the cat from the tree. Challenge
perseverance Her perseverance gives us hope. Challenge
hasten I will help you hasten the process. Challenge
ointment Do you have any anti itch ointment? Challenge
buffaloes The buffaloes live on the prairie. Challenge
solemn The funeral was quite solemn. Challenge

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