6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 27

List 27
Word Practice Sentence Type
stopped We stopped wasting time. Basic
dream The dream I had last night was very strange. Basic
lemonade We sold lemonade from our driveway. Basic
familiar What looks familiar to you in this picture? Basic
felt She felt cold and alone. Basic
climber The rock climber had to break the record. Basic
other The other campers were fun. Basic
study We will study on Sunday. Basic
added I've added you to the roster. Basic
plumbing Our plumbing needs to be fixed. Basic
brief Please be brief. Basic
hideout Our hideout is behind the house in the woods. Basic
scarf You could tell the scarf had been knitted by hand. Basic
betray I would never betray your trust. Basic
noisy The noisy park was filled with screaming children. Basic
prominent The mayor was a prominent member of the community. Challenge
fatigue Symptoms of the flu include fatigue. Challenge
dungeon Take that traitor to the dungeon. Challenge
equation Do you understand the math equation? Challenge
blueprint I received the blueprint for our new home. Challenge

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