6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 8

List 8
Word Practice Sentence Type
union The union members paid monthly dues. Basic
collection I have a doll collection. Basic
hymn The choir likes this hymn best. Basic
knitting My great aunt is knitting me a pair of socks. Basic
biggest That is the biggest fish I've ever seen. Basic
story I wish you'd tell us a funny story. Basic
stereos The stereos were on sale this weekend. Basic
truth I want the entire truth. Basic
saying Are you saying we won? Basic
finely The onions have to be finely chopped. Basic
record Let's record your latest song. Basic
bomb The bomb was quickly deactivated. Basic
permanent The permanent marker was used to label boxes. Basic
addition I am very quick at addition. Basic
defense We need to plan a defense or they might win. Basic
principle The principle idea was understood by all. Challenge
dignified He looked very dignified with his fine clothing. Challenge
barricade He created a barricade to protect his home from the flood waters. Challenge
illustrate I would like to illustrate children’s books when I grow up. Challenge
exhaustion I nearly collapsed from exhaustion. Challenge

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