6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 22

List 22
Word Practice Sentence Type
without I wanted to get the top without the pants. Basic
sentence The sentence was short. Basic
admire We admire your tenacity. Basic
involved We were all involved in the planning. Basic
straight My hair is straight. Basic
explode That rocket will explode in the air. Basic
piece I want a piece of cake. Basic
central The central idea was understood. Basic
spare Do you have a spare tire? Basic
pianos We bought two pianos. Basic
staff Are you part of the camp staff? Basic
British My friend's dad is British. Basic
weary Her weary hands ached from yardwork. Basic
tomato Hand me that tomato. Basic
license I just got my driver's license. Basic
temperature Do you know what the temperature is right now? Challenge
afford If we save our money, we can afford a new car. Challenge
porpoise Did you see the porpoise splashing in the water? Challenge
investigation The investigation didn’t last very long. Challenge
heirloom An heirloom is something that has been passed down. Challenge

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