6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 15

List 15
Word Practice Sentence Type
celebration We will have a celebration for your anniversary. Basic
collector The collector found new rare coins. Basic
democratic Our society is democratic. Basic
movement The movement was joined by many. Basic
exploit We don't want to exploit the land. Basic
minute Would you please wait a minute? Basic
against We are up against many difficulties. Basic
teenage The teenage years can be really fun. Basic
material We've bought extra material for the princess gown. Basic
unity We should show our unity. Basic
single Please count every single penny. Basic
pressure Apply pressure to the cut. Basic
forms We have many forms for you to complete. Basic
belief It is said that belief can be quite powerful. Basic
understanding I think I am understanding you correctly. Basic
fictitious The name was completely fictitious. Challenge
government The government exists for the people. Challenge
followed We followed her home. Challenge
postpone I'd like to postpone the bake sale. Challenge
scenario We've considered every possible scenario. Challenge

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