6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 17

List 17
Word Practice Sentence Type
current This is the current version. Basic
products We've bought many cleaning products. Basic
British The British have an interesting sense of humor. Basic
homeroom We don’t have homeroom today. Basic
sent I've sent you many emails. Basic
cost The cost was staggering. Basic
videos Watch these videos with me. Basic
interfering You are interfering with my plans. Basic
issue She argued over the issue for hours. Basic
according I was born in May according to my birth certificate. Basic
frustrated I was frustrated that I couldn’t solve the math problem. Basic
heavily She was breathing heavily after the race. Basic
ballet The ballet was phenomenal. Basic
help We will help you find a new computer. Basic
wealthier The wealthier patrons gave hefty donations. Basic
accept The teacher will not accept any late assignments. Challenge
turbulence The turbulence caught me by surprise. Challenge
neighborhood My neighborhood is very safe. Challenge
precocious The precocious child was making his mother impatient. Challenge
resign Brad thought that he would have to resign from his job. Challenge

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