6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 30

List 30
Word Practice Sentence Type
envelope Do you need another envelope? Basic
forty What is forty times two? Basic
nothing There is nothing you can't do. Basic
tried I tried to fix the TV for two hours. Basic
main The parade will go down main street. Basic
justice There will be justice in this case. Basic
included Is everything included in the price? Basic
class My class rose to say The Pledge of Allegiance. Basic
house Our house is filled with paintings. Basic
swung She swung into the lake by rope. Basic
explore We went off to explore the woods. Basic
poor The poor man missed his family. Basic
woman This woman will be our new representative. Basic
property The pool toys are his property. Basic
create I like to create new things with my blocks. Basic
toboggan Do you want to go toboggan racing? Challenge
Chicago I will visit Chicago this July. Challenge
influence Don’t try to influence my decision. Challenge
caramel I prefer caramel topping over chocolate. Challenge
whistling I heard him whistling from far away. Challenge

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