6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 19

List 19
Word Practice Sentence Type
size This shirt comes in your size. Basic
casserole My dad made a casserole last night. Basic
heard I heard my mom making vacation plans. Basic
training The training classes were long. Basic
where I wonder where I should go to college. Basic
operation The doctor performed the tricky operation with ease. Basic
monopoly They had a monopoly on the market. Basic
taken We were taken to the lake for the afternoon. Basic
brought She brought strawberries. Basic
could I could show you how to skate. Basic
county The county held a fair. Basic
ignore I never ignore the worksheet instructions. Basic
science My favorite class is science. Basic
mustard I put mustard on my hot dog. Basic
ice cream I love ice cream! Basic
magnifying The magnifying glass was broken. Challenge
radiation This device gives off radiation. Challenge
receiver An antenna is a type of receiver. Challenge
discrete Invite your friends from school, but be discrete. Challenge
obscure The boy made an obscure reference. Challenge

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